Mobile Mapper

We can now offer a high-speed surveying in motion using a Leica Pegasus Two Ultimate (P2U) Mobile Laser Scanner. This is the only unit of its kind within New Zealand. The benefits of having this technology are many including; A step change in safety - surveying with the P2U is undertaken without putting people in live traffic lanes; faster and more accurate results – it allows self-delivery of results quicker than traditional survey techniques and the Mobile Mapper utilises point cloud and photogrammetric solutions to provide innovative ‘all you can see’ high resolution datasets.

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We have three high speed data surveying vehicles that are operated by skilled technicians, the vehicles survey from Northland to Southland, and everywhere in between. The Hawkeye survey vehicles use the latest in digital laser technology to accurately and continuously record road and pavement information, such as roughness and texture, and relate this data back to GPS or distance based measurements.

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Sustainable Solutions

It’s the trusted relationships we build with our customers, suppliers and the broader industry that enable us to unlock long-term economic, social and environmental value for local communities. An example of this is the waste plastic. New Plymouth District Council approached Downer about their growing waste plastic problem. The local authority had an existing partnership with EnviroNZ and together with Downer the organisations developed a ground-breaking solution - Plas Mix. Plas Mix is raw shredded plastic that goes into asphalt. It is then laid and paved in the same way a traditional asphalt.

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