Our comprehensive range of capabilities enables us to provide airport clients with integrated service delivery – from pavement construction, facilities management, and telecommunication technologies to open space and asset management.

Our customers can have confidence that we consistently provide high quality outcomes and efficiencies across a wide range of airport infrastructure through this seamless service delivery. The breadth and extent of our experienced personnel, plant, equipment and intellectual properties, enables a flexible approach to service delivery. We quickly respond and adapt to changing requirements to ensure we continually meet our customers’ needs.

Asphalt pavement construction

With our own numerous fixed and mobile asphalt plants, supported by our IANZ accredited laboratories we are experienced in designing and testing a full range of asphalt mix types appropriate to the various loadings and service environments encountered at an airport. Our modern suite of paving, compaction and profiling resources are equipped with the latest technology.

Concrete pavement construction and repair

We are experienced in a wide range of concrete pavement construction methods including heavy duty pavements.

Lighting installation and intelligent traffic solutions

Downer’s Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) business provide services ranging from traffic management, CCTV, ATMS, street lighting, traffic signals, road and pavement marking and intelligent transport system technologies.

Road Science

Road Science is a team of chemists and pavement investigation experts, whose core purpose is to understand the fundamental properties of base courses (modified and un-modified), asphalt, bitumen emulsions and polymer binders. The research and development facility is located at Mount Maunganui and is focused on a programme of innovations to deliver better value and quality solutions to clients. The team also operates several fixed and mobile IANZ laboratories providing testing and mix design capabilities. The team are also accredited in aggregates, soils, asphalt and field testing.

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Innovative airport infrastructure solutions

We have a focus on innovation and have direct access to research and development skills and facilities, which enable us to provide clients with certainty of products and services. By matching design and construction methodologies with specific site characteristics and by understanding the properties of these materials, the team can manipulate and alter their characteristics to better match them to a range of conditions and situations.

Sustainable solutions

We use TonerPave as a sustainable and innovative alternative to traditional asphalt mixes. TonerPave is a modified toner polymer that uses toner cartridge residue to replace a large portion of bitumen binder. In New Zealand approximately 15 300 tonnes of waste toner is produced every year. By using this product in our asphalt mixes, we contribute to diverting this waste away from landfills whilst also preserving the use of non-renewable quarried aggregates.

Because TonerPave contains a high level of recycled materials, it is a low carbon asphalt, with an approximately 23% lower carbon footprint compared to traditional asphalt mixes. By using a high portion of toner cartridge residue to replace bitumen, TonerPave contributes to preserving natural resources traditionally used for asphalt production.

We have also incorporated recycled beer bottle sand into the TonerPave asphalt mix. This alternative to non-renewable sand usually sourced from beaches and rivers, used in traditional asphalt mixes. Road Science developed the idea of beer bottle sand as a replacement for sand in asphalt mixes from a recycling issue highlighted by DB Breweries. Statistics from DB Breweries revealed that 27% of glass, amounting to 60,000 tonnes, is unable to be recycled using conventional methods and end up in landfill. It is an innovative solution because it demonstrates what can be achieved using recycled materials and opens the industry up to other future possibilities.

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Safety and live airside works

Our focus to achieve Zero Harm goes beyond compliance and is embedded in the behaviours of our people. Zero Harm means delivery of products and services in a manner which supports the health and safety of people and minimises the impact of our operations on the environment. We are also committed to delivering services in a sustainable way, protecting resources for future generations. At Downer we recognise that working on live airfields is like no other work site. Our staff are experienced in the specific protocols in place for working safely in live airside environments.

Facilities maintenance

"Downer’s Facilities experts provide comprehensive specialist services in the areas of facilities, building (through Hawkins), and open space management. We specialise in operation critical services, providing design, management, construction, and on-going operation of critical building services including standby generation equipment, control systems, electrical distribution, reticulation services, and environmental control systems". Check out more...