Downer Greenspace Management

Downer Greenspace are a team of horticulturalists, sports turn and landscape and landscape specialists, certified arborists who maintain and landscape outdoor spaces including reserves, parklands, playgrounds and sports fields. 

Our open spaces teams keep our urban areas safe, clean and beautiful. They provide storm response solutions, street and walkway lighting, rubbish collection, gum and graffiti removal, painting and repairs. Our playground specialists design, build and maintain safe spaces for adventure and imagination. We even care for the ground you walk on: sweeping, water-blasting, road marking, surface installation and maintenance, and water blasting.

We take pride in protecting and enriching Aotearoa, New Zealand’s cultural and historic landscape and we acknowledge the important place of Tangata Whenua in the environment, spiritual and cultural guardianship of the Whenua.

  • Hutt City Council – maintenance of Percy Scenic Reserve (maintenance of over 1,000 species of rare and endangered native alpine plants) and the Riddiford Gardens (historical reserve featuring an iconic aviary)
  • Transmission Gully and Cobham Drive (Wellington) large-scale replanting projects
  • Lansdowne Park (Blenheim) specialist turf management services.

As a single point of contact for both public organisations and private landowners, we provide integrated biosecurity, biodiversity and pest management services, and work with other specialist providers to achieve the best possible outcomes.

We provide essential biosecurity services to protect New Zealand's unique native and unique ecosystem. Our biosecurity services are tailored to individual environments, including fencing, riparian planting, pest and weed management, predator surveillance, mapping, and monitoring, to protect our unique natural heritage and support our primary and tourism sectors. We deliver a specialist TBfree programme to prevent the spread of Bovine Tuberculosis from infected wildlife such as possums to cattle and dairy herds.

Examples where Downer Greenspace’s has delivered effective pest control are:

Our Greenspace team delivers a range of services that prevent nuisance animals from jeopardising public infrastructure, and important environmental features. These programmes include:

  • Culling rabbits in the Avon River Flood bank to prevent damage to the landscape, which can threaten homes and livelihoods.
  • Deterring pigeons to prevent their droppings compromising the integrity of metal structures.
  • Managing deer and goat populations to stop them damaging carbon sequestration plantations.
  • Trapping and poisoning rats which can damage computer cables such as the Shotover Wastewater
  • Treatment plant.